Sunday, March 17, 2013

Absent Bunnies

My beloved Ghirardelli and Willow---this was taken 3 years ago, a lifetime it seems. They are no longer with me--they live with my ex-husband in another state, and I will never see them again. The Hoppy Vegan is missing them so very much this St. Patrick's Day. I raise my glass to make a toast. Here's to absent rabbits.

The following is a link to a video set to the lovely song "Absent Friends" by the Irish band Lunasa. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pizza Pizza - Where is the pizza?

Okay, my vegan bitch today is the following:

What the heck happened to vegan pizza? Where is it? My local Whole Paycheck--er, Foods--doesn't sell any brand of it. Plenty of gluten free pizza, Annie's brand pizza, but not a vegan one to be found.  Tofurkey Pizza, the brand I usually get,  has been gone for months--even Mom's Organic Market doesn't carry it anymore. And I just learned Daiya Cheese is putting out its own pizza line. Where can a serious vegan pizza lover get her pizza fix?

Sure, I could take the time to make my own pizza, but I am not quite that ambitious enough to do that after a twelve hour work and commuting day.

Okay, enough bitching. Did y'all catch SNL with Justin Timberlake and the great Veganville sketch?? Funny! Catch it here.

The Hoppy Vegan