Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - Good Riddance

This is my last blog for 2010. I can't say I can recall a year I was so happy to see end as much as this one. In addition to some sad personal issues I am still grappling with, I must note that this year has been marred with much pain and sadness. Losses of jobs and beloved animals have marked this year for many of my friends and family. Other dear friends have been facing life-threatening illnesses. And I must watch as my beloved Woodstock struggles against the spondylosis that is robbing him of his rabbit habits, knowing with a heavy heart that he most likely will not be with me next Yuletide.

From the vegan side of my life, I have stumbled now and then this year (most recent stumble took place just the other day at a pub, where I hungrily ate the three tiny balls of goat chesse tucked away in my red and golden beet salad--which was lacking the golden beets, I must point out!) I will never claim to be perfect but as with all else in my life, I will strive always to do better. The knowledge that my diet today (as opposed to all those years before 2004, when I went vegetarian) saves so many animals gives me peace in my soul. If only I could make others in my life see the world as I do. If only I could help people make the connection between the meat on their plate and the pain and suffering of the animals it was torn from. If I could just change one mind, open ONE heart, and help a person make the most compassionate change in their life, I could be a truly fulfilled individual. So raise your glasses everyone and remember this, my last question for this year--if we don't make the world a better place than how we found it, what, my friends, is the point?

Happy New Year, all. May you be blessed with good health and good fortune and may the suffering of all animals from humans to rabbits to lions to elephants cease once and for all!

The Hoppy Vegan

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Carol of the Buns

Cocoa and his author daddy sharing a Christmas hug - sort of

"What did I want for Christmas? Some frigging dignity, thank you."

"I may not be able to walk, but I know how to have a ball!" Woodstock

"Mine, mine, mine!"

"Santa Bun came! Hooray!"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From my house of rabbits, tofu, and Gardein products to yours, the Hoppy Vegan sends season's greetings and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011 .

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Favorite Things

Move over, Oprah! I have my own favorite things list--but sadly dear readers I do not have the wealth to give them away. There is just the comfort of sitting back and taking inventory of what really makes one happy. Here goes:

***NutsOnline - a great online shop that sells not only nuts but all kinds of dried fruits and candies and flours, etc. Very vegan-friendly. Try the dark chocolate covered walnuts (such a fun way to get in your Omega 3s!) and the roasted chickpeas. They do great custom made gifts and their delivery turnaround time is outstanding.

***vegan pizzelle--What a joy to have finally found a simple recipe for vegan pizzelle. For the uninitiated, pizzelle is an Italian snowflake cookie--special press required. The usual recipe calls for about 4 eggs. I used Ener-g egg replacer.

***Yes To Carrots products. Reasonably priced skin and lip care products, all animal friendly and all feel so good on the face. Check out the overnight face moisturizer and the luscious lip balms.

***Tofurkey pizza - what a lifesaver on those nights I get home late and hubby wants to order pizza. Love the plain cheese the best.

Merry christmas! I hope you all get what you want to make you happy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cinnamon the Caregiver Bunny

My bunny Cinnamon (she's the one on the left in the photo here) has always been precious, in every sense of that word. Besides her being so mini-Rex adorable, she can also be quite particular about when humans are allowed to pet her. We don't nickname her Princess Bun for nothing--she can cop an attitude with the best of them. Yet since her mate Woodstock became disabled, she has really risen to the challenge of becoming not only Woody's caregiver but also a fierce protector. She watches me carefully as I tend to him, giving him dry shampoos or massaging his legs. She stands poised to strike at the gate when the rabbits down the hall, Ghirardelli and Willow, deign to pay a visit. An odd analogy since she is a rabbit, but I can only liken my Cinnamon to the mama grizzlies a certain former vice-presidential candidate spoke about recently. So what turned my precious princess into a warrior princess?

Could it be the age difference? She was only two months old to his two years when they were introduced back in 2003. Essentially she has known Woody almost her entire life. Is that what is driving her more selfless behavior these days? They literally fell for each other at first meet--and I can honestly report that they have never had a fight. Even when she was literally on his ass those first few weeks--she was too young to be spayed right away and so she was horny as hell, to put it bluntly. Woodstock never tried to bite her or slap at her--when she was extra frisky, he would simply groom her head insistently, until she submissively lowered her head to the floor. Without doubt their relationship has always been special.

And now it is changing yet again. I marvel seeing how patient she is with him and how she loves him. But I also worry. I fear this will be my sweet boy's last Christmas. How will Cinnamon adjust after he's gone? How will I? (Easy enough-I will be a complete wreck.) Will she want to go on without him? The idea of losing both of them is beyond my capability to contemplate right now. But I do think of my Cinnamon, Woody's beloved. I thank God for her too. These days of uncertainty as I watch them interact, I know in my heart that Woodstock and Cinnamon are a match made in Heaven. I just hope Heaven can wait awhile longer before bringing my sweet rabbits home.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Rabbit's Perspective on Christmas Trees

This is Ruby, also known as the Diva rabbit, filling in for the Hoppy Vegan tonight since she is under the weather. I wanted a public forum in which I could finally express my dismay about this holiday you call Christmas. What is it with the tree? All year long I had my corner to myself where I could happily chew on my cardboard cottage. Then last week my humans had the audacity to put me (and my beloved Cocoa) in our cage so we could watch them assemble this pine tree and dangle all these strange objects on it (though I must confess I did like that many of these things looked like rabbits.)

To add insult to injury, these humans put a barrier around the tree. I've been here since 2002--you'd think they would trust me by now. Sure, I love to get under the tree--so much to sniff at and nibble. But really, I'm only a 6 pound bunny--what harm could I possibly do? There aren't any colorful boxes underneath it yet for me to chew on anyway. What's up with that anyway? I think my humans are a bit slow this year with the gifts. So glad to be a rabbit whose needs are quite simple. Give us paper towel rolls stuffed with hay and we are content. You will never see us standing outside shops at four in the morning prepared to stampede fellow rabbits to get material goods we really have no need for. Really, I don't know how you all live longer than rabbits with all the nonsense you deal with in your human lives.

Well, I must run now--almost time for treats. I do hope we get cranberries tonight. The Hoppy Vegan will be back as soon as she has recovered and can--how did she put it?--get her act together.