Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings and Miscellaneous Observations

Happy Easter, readers and lovers of bunnies all! Whether you celebrate the religious or the secular side of this day, I hope it is a special day for you. As always, I pray that more parents are giving their children stuffed or chocolate rabbits this year. The real thing is NOT right for a child. And speaking of chocolate bunnies, am I the only one whose mother used to eat the ears off the bunny? Honestly, I don't recall ever getting to eat the ears growing up. What is up with that?

One totally unrelated observation: Vegan Essentials online store is now selling vegan calamari. Really?? I shudder with skepticism. I am all for veganizing everything we can to help new vegans not feel deprived, but how can one possibly replicate the chewiness of calamari? I grew up in an Italian-American home so I feel almost compelled to try it. Will let you know if I do.

Also saw recently a product called faux gras. Honestly, why would you want to make vegan a product that in itself is a morally despicable item? I suspect--and admit I could be wrong in thinking this--that people who relish the real thing aren't going vegan any time soon. So to whom is faux gras targeted? Just wondering...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a couple of observations

First: for a faux meat item, nothing beats Field Roast "meat" loaf. Splash on some ketchup or BBQ sauce, heat in a 350 oven for a half hour, serve with steamed green beans and rosemary potatoes and you have one hearty meal! It is late in the evening as I write this, and I am craving another slice.

Second: why is it that every time I make a conscientious effort to return to a life of yoga and exercise my right knee goes on strike? Tendonitis stinks, that's all there is to that. But I will persevere, especially with the yoga. My rabbits Ruby and Cocoa love to participate.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remembering Polly

Three years ago 4 April, I lost my beloved rabbit Polly after a sudden and brief illness. (She is the mocha-colored bun in the photo above.) Yes, I blogged about her this time last year; please indulge me in taking more blog space to remember her sweet tough personality and her face, nicked from fights with siblings in the home she was rescued from. Her nose was scarred: one ear had a small chunk taken out of it. These marks only made her more endearing and distinctive. Even after three years, I still miss her attitude. I called her my Jersey Girl for good reason. She never hesitated to head butt you when she tired of you being in her face. I will never forget the day my rabbit Ruby had the audacity to approach Polly's territory. Polly was having none of it. Like a bull, she tucked her head down and charged the cross pen. Bang! I watched Ruby hop up and backwards before running downstairs. That was the last time Ruby ever attempted a visit to Polly.

Polly was as sweet as she was tough. She loved to sleep in our bed with us, at least for part of the night ( the rest of the time she snuggled with her mate Ghirardelli). She did this even the night before she died, sick as she was. Three years ago. Time has flown but not the grief. I will miss my Sweetpea to my dying day. Godspeed, my Jersey Girl. You left us too soon but I am deeply grateful we had you the few short years that we did.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green Lemonade

I don't want to make this a recipe blog but I must share a smoothie recipe that is out of this world. Rev up your Vitamix'ers for this one. It's called Green Lemonade. All you need is the following:

4 leaves of kale
5 or 6 romaine lettuce leaves (NOT hearts)
2 Fuji apples
juice of 1 lemon
thumb-size peeled piece of fresh ginger

You may want to add an ice cube or two if you want it cooler. The lemon and ginger give this smoothie a refreshing kick. Delicious and healthy--how can you go wrong?