Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wish We Could All Have a MOM Around

My Organic Market (MOM), that is! MOM is a supermarket which is heaven for any vegetarian and vegan to walk through. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday in the sole Virginia location in Alexandria--a very rare treat, since Alexandria is not at all convenient for me to get to. The bliss of being able to find everything I need in ONE location is hard to describe to anyone who just goes to one shop and gets everything at one trip. Imagine, a place where they sell Beauty Without Cruelty hair products AND lusciously flavored agave nectar. Or the most delectable vegan peanut brittle under the sun. A four-pack of Pacific brand almond milk--I haven't seen THAT at my local Whole Foods. There are Gardein products up the wazoo in the freezer section, so nice compared to the one or two kinds I see at my local market (usually the ones I am the least enamored of.)And ice cream made of hemp milk! Who knew? Thank you, Living Harvest for making it, thank you, MOM, for carrying it.

I am not saying that Whole Foods is all bad, but people don't jokingly call it Whole Paycheck for nothing. MOM is much more reasonable in their prices. I am so determined to get a MOM closer to my home that when I am out, I keep my eyes peeled for vacant business lots. If I see one in a location devoid of other grocery stores, I intend to write the info down and send it off to MOM's administrative offices. Bring more MOMs to Virginia. Maryland has quite enough of them, thanks.

My Organic Market

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How did you honor Earth Day?

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Did you do anything to honor it? It could be as simple as drinking out of recycled wine bottle glasses (as I did this evening). Or maybe you planted some flowers. Did you go without meat today (sure hope so! : ) )? Did you stop to take a deep breath and admire the beauty of the nature around you? I like to contemplate the grace of the cardinals and wrens and mourning doves who visit my bird feeder every day.

I find the moments of purest joy in my life come from communing in some way with nature or natural phenomena. In this crazy hectic world of the 21st century, where we work long hours and get little sleep and worry about the economy and the war, these moments are too few and far between. All of us need to step back a few minutes every day to marvel at the wonder of the world and recognize the critical need to preserve it. Life is too short to ignore the roses or sad facts that gorgeous animals like tigers are facing extinction. Or that our rainforests have been depleted. That overdevelopment and the tearing down of trees have robbed so many birds of homes. That oil spills and overfishing are obliterating life in our oceans. Perhaps if we stole more little moments in our life--taking more hikes in the woods, jogging on the beach, planting flowers and herbs, having a picnic where wild rabbits and deer wander freely--our consciousness would be awakened to the reality that what is precious must be preserved at all costs and that all of us in some way can contribute. Even if all you do is adopt a vegetarian diet, you will make a difference. As with our own bodies, we only get one planet. We owe it to our children and their children to keep it healthy.

Here's to Mother Earth. Long may she live and long may she continue to dazzle us with her wonders.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a lazy sunday...

Ruby and Cocoa just chillin'

Friday, April 9, 2010

Catch the great wave - of rabbits!

This is one of a series of prints by Kozy n Dan, pseudonym for a husband-and-wife artist team. Check out their blog - their work is very eclectic and there are more rabbits to be found there. : ) This one is entitled Uprisings and is a homage to the work of a famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (born 1760 - died 1849) called The Great Wave off of Kanagawa.

I found the prints for sale at Leith Petworks, a great resource of items for rabbit care and for the people who live with rabbits. Check out their boutique page if you are interested in any one or the set of four seasonal prints.

The Hoppy Vegan

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Letter to My Rainbow Bridge Bunny "Sweet Pea"

Dear Polly,

I like to think the warm spring weather we are having here is what you are enjoying at Rainbow Bridge this Easter--warm and bright sun, daffodils bowing in the breeze, crystal clear blue skies. I can see you now frolicking with other rabbits, trying to run the show, as you used to do here. I hope there are plenty of newspapers for you to tear up, like the stacks we set out for you to shred down the hall from our bedroom. Remember that, Sweet Pea? We always do.

On this Easter Sunday, it is hard to comprehend that it has been two years to the day since you left this world after an all-too-brief life with us. You were like a comet, blazing through our lives, filling our hearts with joy. It still seems incredible that you are not here. Even now, we find ourselves looking for you, expecting to see your face peering out at us from your favorite perch in Thump Tower. At night I like to remember how you used to lie at our feet on our bed; I hope you still visit us somehow during those wee small hours of the morning. I'd like to think that you are so close by, even if we can't see you. You are and always will be our angel bunny.