Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life After Cheese

So you wanna be vegan but you just can't kick the cheese habit? I understand. Been there. Done that. Cheese is a very hard habit to kick--check out Dr. Neal Bernard and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for the physiological reasons why cheese is addictive (www.pcrm.org). MY reason is, it just tastes so darn good! Especially with wine, or the gooey kind on pizza. And as someone from an Italian-American home, cheese was practically part of the family--ricotta cheese, parmasean cheese sprinkled on pasta, cannoli and other assorted cream-filled desserts from our local Italian bakery. Was it hard to give it up? You bet. Just two weeks ago, tt was almost torture being back in Massachusetts, socializing with friends, a box of mini-cannoli and eclairs sitting right before me at the table (I luckily had my Mexican chocolate snickerdoodles to satisfy my sweet tooth.) Yet I was able to resist. Why? So many reasons too long to get into here. It is enough for you just to watch the attached video. Had I not taken the veg pledge in September, this film would have done it for me. Bless Mercy for Animals for their fine work. (I promise you--there is life after cheese! Becoming a vegan is a fantastic voyage. Come and join me!)

And the truth shall set you free.

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