Monday, May 17, 2010

Aiming to Please the Fussy Rabbit

My Cocoa, who is eight years old, is going though another phase in which none of his usual treats excite or interest him. Given how careful one must be in giving rabbits not only a particular quantity of treats but also the KIND of treats, this makes it quite challenging when you want to make your rabbit very happy and we ALL want this, don't we, rabbit fans? When Cocoa first had one of these times, we resorted to giving him fresh basil for his treats. This would be like serving a child spinach in place of chocolate chip cookies. Somehow it is not the same. Still, don't assume your personal treats are good for them, even if your rabbit really wants that chocolate bar. One time as a lark my husband offered Cocoa one of his sugar free cookies, thinking our bunny would simply sniff it and leave. He snatched it and ran. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. Sugar free cookies are NOT intended for a lagomorph GI tract.

Thus far in my quest I have discovered two brand items which I am delighted to report have tickled Cocoa's fancy. They also got the okay from our vet. When in doubt, ALWAYS check with your rabbit-knowledgable vet regarding new treats.

(1) Gerbers Graduates Mini-Fruits for toddlers--these freeze-dried fruit cubes have my Cocoa prancing when I bring down the bag. You can get just apple, or a mix of banana/strawberry, and can find them in most grocery stores.

(2) Trader Joe's Freeze-Dried Blueberries--While I didn't find these snacks to be very sweet myself, Cocoa--and his lady friend Ruby--went cuckoo for them. The pther afternoon Ruby went so far as to rip the bag out of my hands, sending a shower of little blueberry balls all over my carpet (be careful if this happens to you, by the way--they are the same shape and size as bunny "berries"!) You can also get freeze-dried strawberries at Trader Joe's, if your bunny prefers that fruit.

Right now these two items will have to do. I know at some point Cocoa will resume wanting his dried spple and pineapple or his beloved Craisins. In the meantime, he is for the moment one contented old bun, and being the rabbit slave that I am, I will endeavor to keep him that way.

The Hoppy Vegan

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