Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To be vegan is to be free

Taco Hell has that old catch phrase, think outside the bun. Well, in a way, that is what we need to do as aspiring vegans. Think outside the traditional meal! We have been raised with this "rule" that a meal has to consist of animal, potato and vegetable. Boooooooooooooring!!! What is wrong with just doing a dish of veggies, as long as they are creative and flavorful? Tonight, for instance, I made a quick dinner of Tofurkey vegan cheese pizza and Swiss chard sauteed with lots of garlic (gotta get those dark leafy greens in! And I had them on the side, by the way, not ON the pizza--just so I;m clear.) Yummy! That was enough for me. Sometimes I will have broccoli, steamed, with nondairy butter, and a baked potato. Or maybe a bowl of soup--Imagine makes quite a few vegan soups that you can just plop in a pan and heat, adding whatever herbs and seasonings you like for a fast meal. I can tell you, I can make a meal easily JUST out of the lemony roasted potatoes from VEGANOMIGON cook book. Do whatever you want! BE FREE!! Why do meals have to follow any sort of game plan anyway? Make the only rule be that your dish is cruelty-free.

Of course, this is NOT so easy when you have an omnivore hubby to cook for, but that is an issue for another day. :vO

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