Saturday, September 11, 2010

Celebrating the Veg Lifestyle

I LOVE a good festival. I especially love one which celebrates vegan values, love of animals, and good health. The 2nd annual D.C. Vegfest was held today near George Washington University. Sponsored by Compassion Over Killing the Vegetarian Society of D.C., this event brought out even MORE people than last year--and that was estimated to have been around 3000! It was at one point almost literally wall-to-wall people today, and it was so wonderful to see so many interested in vegan options, and eager to sample all the foods. (I only went to the Coconut Bliss ice cream sampling table once, I swear!)

As the representative for RabbitWise, I had great fun donning my rabbit ears and posing with the PETA Carrot (I promise to post photo when uploaded later!). And it is always a joy to talk to people about rabbits--as many who know me know, I can never shut up when talking about my furkids. Of course, there is even at an event like this a character who manages to say the wrong thing. The first person who came up to our table--an Asian-American man wearing a Star Trek tie--asked if RabbitWise stood for eating rabbits. (Could someone please explain to me WHY people say such obnoxious things to those of us who rescue and love rabbits? No one says such crap to dog and cat companions!)

All in all, it really was a beautiful day--how could it not be when one starts the day with a Boston "cream" doughnut from Vegan Treats? This festival proved once again that you can be a foodie and savor delicious food, and be thrilled knowing that no animal had to die in the making of such pleasure. Vive les vegans and the D.C. Veg Fest, and thanks to all who make it possible.

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