Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Healing Power of Bunny

My rabbits made me laugh tonight. Not canned laughter, the kind you produce almost on reflex while watching mindless sitcoms. This was the kind of laughter that explodes spontaneously from your gut, without warning, totally unexpected and infused with sheer joy. Rabbits do that to you. I thank God for that, especially right now, when personal problems in my life threaten to overwhelm me. I cling these days to whatever bright moments I can find. My rabbits are almost always the source for these all-too-brief flashes of happiness and appreciation.

Take tonight, for instance. I happened to look at the right moment at my oldest bunnies (nine years old) Ruby and Cocoa. Cocoa found a paper sack which had contained his favorite treats, tiny mini-toasts. He picked up the sack and hit Ruby on the head, sending a spray of crumbs all over Ruby and the carpet. I laughed and delighted in watching him lick the crumbs off Ruby's head even as she gobbled up the ones on the rug. Being in that moment, caught up in their mischief, I was able to forget my problems in the joy of this playfulness on the part of my rabbits. Each moment like this acts like a salve on my sadness. I truly can't recall the last time any human being did that for me. I am not even sure any two-legged could make me feel as happy as my rabbits do. Is it their cuteness (face it, there is no such thing as an ugly rabbit)? Is it the innocence of their nature? I don't know. I do know there have been many studies proving that pets provide incredible stress relief. Rabbits provide an added bonus--comic relief. These days I am profoundly grateful for it. Never underestimate the healing power of bunny.

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