Saturday, July 7, 2012

High Praises for Local PetSitting Service Company

They say a good auto mechanic is worth his/her weight in gold. I would add petsitter to that as well. And I can honestly say that I have been so blessed to find one who not only knows rabbits but goes the extra mile for her clients.

Divine's Pet Care ( is a mother-daughter business which operates out of Dulles, Virginia. They handle dog and cat boarding and grooming, as well as rabbits.  As we all know, most petsitting services have plenty of canine and feline experience, but finding anyone familiar with our lagomorph friends is another story.  I was highly recommended this service by a fellow rabbit lover who urged me over and over to call Divine's, that I would be so pleased.  Well, happily, I finally listened. Indeed, I have thus far used Divine's services twice now (and plan to use them forever, frankly!). The first time was in an emergency situation, when I had to go back to my hometown due to a death in the family.  My family and I knew this death was coming days even hours away but when was uncertain. Divine's assured me that whenever I had to get on that plane, they would be there to watch my Cinnamon and Benjamin, and sure enough, they were.

The second instance ended up becoming another emergency situation of sorts, though the week I had booked with Divine's was a preplanned vacation. What we hadn't planned for was the devastating derecho storm that swept through the mid-Atlantic area the night before my scheduled flight to Boston. Power was lost to, as it turns out, millions of people, including myself. As I lay in bed that night, praying the coolness in my condo would last a long time, I wondered frantically--did my petsitter have power? What was I to do about Benjamin and Cinnamon? I certainly couldn't leave them behind in a condo with no air conditioning to go to the airport.  In the morning, as my house got increasingly warmer, I frantically called Divine's but couldn't reach them. Then I tried calling friends, but their phones were out too. What was I to do?

Hurrah!! Finally, after calling probably a dozen times, I reached Divine's owner, who must have wondered, geesh, lady, get a grip, calm down, all will be well. Thankfully, she did have power and she came over that morning to whisk my bunny kids back to her place, where they enjoyed a week's vacation themselves outside my stuffy condo.) Divine's concern for their clients is outstanding too.  One reason my rabbits stayed the week (my power had come back on that Sunday night, so they could have technically been brought back to my place that Monday) was that Cinnamon, going through a terrible shedding phase, exhibited signs of a possible blockage. Divine's monitored and treated Cinnamon for this, in addition to a sore front paw that we decided was a result of "stubbing" and not anything more serious. 

Finally, when I returned from my vacation today, my rabbits were already here, waiting for me, and greens which Divine's had left over from the week were in my fridge, sparing me a trip through 100+ degree heat to the supermarket to get them their salads for the next couple of days.

What is also wonderful about Divine's is (for additional fees of course) they will get your mail and papers for you while you are away, water plants if necessary, etc.  I was also very touched that Divine's owner sent me a text that first night I was away from my guys, to update me on how they were and on whatever antics my rascally rabbits got into that day. I was able to at last relax and feel at ease, knowing my furkids were being cared for so well.

I think it is so fitting that this pet setting service is called Divine's.  I know I found its services to be a major blessing. If you live in Loudoun or parts of Fairfax County, Virginia  (her coverage area is limited, as it is a small family run operation), give Divine's a call for your next boarding or grooming needs, especially if you have rabbits you are loathe to leave when you go away.  I cannot recommend this petsitting service enough.


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