Sunday, April 21, 2013

Harmony With Yoga and Rabbits

In my neverending quest to find inner peace, I've returned to the hatha yoga practice I abandoned--God knows why--twelve years ago. Last night I rediscovered the challenges of doing yoga practice with two eager bunnies who wish to investigate the strange postures their mama is twisting herself into every night. Benjamin in particular has a serious foot fetish;  he does not care whether I do downward facing dog or bridge pose, as long as he has total access to my toes, which he inexplicably loves to lick (best to my knowledge, there is no carrot juice in my nail polish).  Cinnamon was very concerned as I lay stretched out in corpse pose (more pleasantly known as savasana) at the end of last night's session.  She leapt onto my belly and sniffed at my face, as if to make sure I was still breathing. Ah what a journey my rabbits and I have embarked on! Namaste, bunnies and readers.

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