Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please do not buy fur

It never ceases to amaze me how in these allegedly enlightened times people can still shell out money to wear dead animal carcasses. So vain and shallow and self-centered we truly are when we dress ourselves at the expense of suffering animals. I am also amazed how at conferences people have come up to me and are shocked when they see that rabbits are actually killed for their fur. How did they think this fur was acquired?? Shaved??

My Ruby is a Rex rabbit, the breed used for fur coats. She is almost 8; she came into our lives when she was six months old, the age rabbits are generally killed for their coats. It takes 30 of my Ruby to make one coat. I have seen undercover video taken at European fur farms of rabbits who look just like her being prepared for the kill. The fear alone in their eyes is enough to turn my stomach; seeing them skinned alive is something else.

Please - leave the fur with the original owner. This is 2009. We have better manmade means to keep warm that don't cost so much in pain and suffering.

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