Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tofurky or Not Tofurky? That is the question

Once again it is the time of year when a serious food dilemma arises for this new vegan. Standing in Whole Foods the other night, I held in my hands the frozen feast many vegetarians have eaten throughout the years for Thanksgiving. It LOOKS tempting, this glistening ball of tofu, with its warm stuffing tucked inside. And yet I hesitate. The memory of a Tofurky deli meat sandwich once tried at a conference several years ago lingers still. I love food (as is obvious to anyone with eyesight) but after two bites I simply could not ingest that sandwich. I can still recall and shudder at a rubbery oozy taste and the slow twist of my stomach muscles. And yet since that unfortunate experience, I have been adventurous enough to devour Tofurky bratwurst and hot dogs--all yummy and tasty, not even a HINT of rubber. So why do I hesitate at the Tofurky T-Day feast?

Well, for one thing, I would be the only one eating it. That's alot of food, even by my standard. Hubby will not eat anything tofu or ANY meat substitute, for that matter. My rabbits--well, they are vegan, yes, but Tofurky is not their thing (well, maybe my Ruby would try it--she'd eat anything...) No one in my family would EVER consider attempting it. Like most Americans, they believe in the myth that Thanksgiving MUST be celebrated with a dead bird on the table (my words, not theirs.) So what is a solitary vegan supposed to do? Buy it just for me and have leftovers for a month? Can Tofurkey be even saved as leftovers? What if I don't LIKE the Tofurky? That is way too much food to waste.

So once more I put the Tofurky box back into the freezer, resuming my shopping, dilemma unresolved for yet another year. Good thing we made dinner reservations for the big day, I sigh to myself. Still, one of the days, I must meet the challenge of Tofurky. Anyone out there willing to take the challenge with me?

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