Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter is coming, so please remember...

This is the time of year I as a rabbit lover dread the most. People get it into their heads that cute little bunny rabbits would be such an ideal Easter gift for their children, forgetting somehow that these are living beings who require lots of care and can be pretty destructive if you do not know how to live with them.
People do so much research before investing in things like stocks, bonds, and cars--why can't they take just an hour of their life, hit the Internet and take the time to read up about rabbits? There are many resources out there, RabbitWise, the House Rabbit Society, and countless rabbit rescues across the country. RABBITS ARE A COMMITMENT, people. Yes, they are cute, yes, they are cuddly. But cute and cuddly can be costly, especially if you do not bunny proof your house and provide the proper vet care, like spaying/neutering your rabbit which is an absolute must even if you only adopt one rabbit.

Too many rabbits, two months after Easter, get dumped on overwhelmed shelters and rescue groups because people did not take the time to do the homework on rabbit care. This leads to many innocent bunnies getting killed for lack of space. Ignorance therefore leads to the deaths of innocent animals. Is THAT what Easter is about? If you can't commit to what it takes to live with rabbits, then get your child a stuffed rabbit. Or do what parents have done for ages--just get them the chocolate variety. PLEASE--for the sake of all rabbits--DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND THINK before you bring that bunny home.

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