Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20 - GO MEATLESS!

A few months ago, I was disgusted by a Burger King commercial which showed all these macho men happily chanting "GO MEAT." Being a neo-vegan, such adverts now turn my stomach but I refer to it only because 20 March is the Great American Meatout, one day a year when everyone should go without animal flesh (a la the Great American Smokeout). What a perfect time to jump up and yell "GO MEATLESS!" No excuses now, people -- EVERYONE can go just one day without meat. With the great variety of foods out there and meals and HUNDREDS of great veggie cookbooks--heck, you don't even need the cookbooks. Just google recipes or hit up websites like Or just keep it simple. Oatmeal in the morning with some fruit. Good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch--who can't make THAT, for pity's sake? And for dinner, how about spaghetti marinara and a salad? If you want to be lazy, get the sauce from a jar.

PLEASE - let's all "meet" the challenge of saying no to meat, just this once. The animals and your body will thank you for it. GO MEAT-less!

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