Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wish We Could All Have a MOM Around

My Organic Market (MOM), that is! MOM is a supermarket which is heaven for any vegetarian and vegan to walk through. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday in the sole Virginia location in Alexandria--a very rare treat, since Alexandria is not at all convenient for me to get to. The bliss of being able to find everything I need in ONE location is hard to describe to anyone who just goes to one shop and gets everything at one trip. Imagine, a place where they sell Beauty Without Cruelty hair products AND lusciously flavored agave nectar. Or the most delectable vegan peanut brittle under the sun. A four-pack of Pacific brand almond milk--I haven't seen THAT at my local Whole Foods. There are Gardein products up the wazoo in the freezer section, so nice compared to the one or two kinds I see at my local market (usually the ones I am the least enamored of.)And ice cream made of hemp milk! Who knew? Thank you, Living Harvest for making it, thank you, MOM, for carrying it.

I am not saying that Whole Foods is all bad, but people don't jokingly call it Whole Paycheck for nothing. MOM is much more reasonable in their prices. I am so determined to get a MOM closer to my home that when I am out, I keep my eyes peeled for vacant business lots. If I see one in a location devoid of other grocery stores, I intend to write the info down and send it off to MOM's administrative offices. Bring more MOMs to Virginia. Maryland has quite enough of them, thanks.

My Organic Market

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