Friday, April 2, 2010

A Letter to My Rainbow Bridge Bunny "Sweet Pea"

Dear Polly,

I like to think the warm spring weather we are having here is what you are enjoying at Rainbow Bridge this Easter--warm and bright sun, daffodils bowing in the breeze, crystal clear blue skies. I can see you now frolicking with other rabbits, trying to run the show, as you used to do here. I hope there are plenty of newspapers for you to tear up, like the stacks we set out for you to shred down the hall from our bedroom. Remember that, Sweet Pea? We always do.

On this Easter Sunday, it is hard to comprehend that it has been two years to the day since you left this world after an all-too-brief life with us. You were like a comet, blazing through our lives, filling our hearts with joy. It still seems incredible that you are not here. Even now, we find ourselves looking for you, expecting to see your face peering out at us from your favorite perch in Thump Tower. At night I like to remember how you used to lie at our feet on our bed; I hope you still visit us somehow during those wee small hours of the morning. I'd like to think that you are so close by, even if we can't see you. You are and always will be our angel bunny.



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  1. Polly was such a sweet, lively rabbit. I'll always miss the way she greeted me every morning with a nose bath.