Saturday, November 20, 2010

As the Rabbit World Turns

So we had to move my basement bunnies to the third floor of our townhouse last weekend. You would think such a thing to be simple, right? You would perhaps if you haven't been living with rabbits for eight years.

Here's the thing- rabbits are very territorial. And the hard truth is, we only had one other room to use for Woodstock and Cinnamon's new home. It happened to be a place that my bunnies Ghirardelli and Willow occasionally used as a playroom. I emphasize the word occasionally. Ghiri and Willow live in a luxurious six foot tall cube cage we lovingly call Thump Tower. It stands in what little space we have left in our bedroom. They get to play on our bed and bounce on our backs in the morning to waken us at godawful early hours. So please don't think they are living the life of Jane Eyre.

Still, they are really pissed off about their new neighbors. Every night Ghirardelli comes down the hall to glare at the new occupants. At the moment Woody seems to care less--he has more important things to concern himself with, namely how to connive to get more papaya treats out of Mommy. At first Cinnamon seemed spooked by the swarthy black rabbit who comes to thump in protest before the gate every night. But tonight I caught her hopping after him as Ghirardelli turned to head back to Thump Tower. Willow has also stopped by to look disdainfully with her one eye at Woody and Cinnamon. She is not at all amused, but that is almost a perpetual state with her.

So what now? Will Cinnamon start flirting in earnest with Ghirardelli even as she strives to care for her disabled mate Woodstock? Will Ghiri and Willow ever except their new neighbors? Stay tuned.

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