Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings and Miscellaneous Observations

Happy Easter, readers and lovers of bunnies all! Whether you celebrate the religious or the secular side of this day, I hope it is a special day for you. As always, I pray that more parents are giving their children stuffed or chocolate rabbits this year. The real thing is NOT right for a child. And speaking of chocolate bunnies, am I the only one whose mother used to eat the ears off the bunny? Honestly, I don't recall ever getting to eat the ears growing up. What is up with that?

One totally unrelated observation: Vegan Essentials online store is now selling vegan calamari. Really?? I shudder with skepticism. I am all for veganizing everything we can to help new vegans not feel deprived, but how can one possibly replicate the chewiness of calamari? I grew up in an Italian-American home so I feel almost compelled to try it. Will let you know if I do.

Also saw recently a product called faux gras. Honestly, why would you want to make vegan a product that in itself is a morally despicable item? I suspect--and admit I could be wrong in thinking this--that people who relish the real thing aren't going vegan any time soon. So to whom is faux gras targeted? Just wondering...

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