Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remembering Polly

Three years ago 4 April, I lost my beloved rabbit Polly after a sudden and brief illness. (She is the mocha-colored bun in the photo above.) Yes, I blogged about her this time last year; please indulge me in taking more blog space to remember her sweet tough personality and her face, nicked from fights with siblings in the home she was rescued from. Her nose was scarred: one ear had a small chunk taken out of it. These marks only made her more endearing and distinctive. Even after three years, I still miss her attitude. I called her my Jersey Girl for good reason. She never hesitated to head butt you when she tired of you being in her face. I will never forget the day my rabbit Ruby had the audacity to approach Polly's territory. Polly was having none of it. Like a bull, she tucked her head down and charged the cross pen. Bang! I watched Ruby hop up and backwards before running downstairs. That was the last time Ruby ever attempted a visit to Polly.

Polly was as sweet as she was tough. She loved to sleep in our bed with us, at least for part of the night ( the rest of the time she snuggled with her mate Ghirardelli). She did this even the night before she died, sick as she was. Three years ago. Time has flown but not the grief. I will miss my Sweetpea to my dying day. Godspeed, my Jersey Girl. You left us too soon but I am deeply grateful we had you the few short years that we did.

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