Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life is just a bowl of (vegan) calamari!

It's official. I have heard it all now. VEGAN calamari. Even more perplexing is the fact that I just purchased it from Pangea, the Vegan Store. This is a gal who grew up hating the real thing. My grandmother made calamari (fried with marinara sauce to dip it in) but the chewiness of it made me gag. Sadly the fact that this was once a sea animal who was minding his/her own business having a happy life of his/her own in the ocean never dawned on me as a child. I only knew one thing--yuk! And yet here is the FAUX version waiting for me in my freezer. How did it get there?

Well, truth be told, I learned to like calamari later in life. Hubby and I were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand and at a buffet we dined at, a whole bowl of these strange looking "rings" intrigued me. Fast forward to life back in Virginia, when we discovered Maggiano's, a family style Italian restaurant whose fried calamari could rival my grandmother's. It is in fond memory of THAT dish that compelled me to buy this faux squid. I will try it some day...really...but only after I make my own homemade marinara sauce to accompany it. You know, in case it...well...blows (no offense, Sophie's Kitchen, but I have sampled many a faux meat that have not lived up to their promise!) Imitation calamari? REALLY?? Amazing. In any case, I will be sure to post here after I summon the nerve to try this interesting creation. I do hope in a way it resembles the real thing, as much as that idea may repulse many vegans. I heartily endorse any product that can satisfy the tastes of people who might otherwise not go vegetarian because they believe--erroneously, of course--that they must forever leave behind their favorite foods. I am sure that many vegan Italian-Americans like myself are thrilled at the prospect of vegan calamari. Let's hope Sophie's version lives up to our hopes. Stay tuned!


  1. "Imitation calamari". It's Pork Bung Hole according to NPR, and it is breaking the rules!
    But why would a vegatarian want Imatation "tofu Hotdogs", Imatation baby seal, imatation veal, imatation Kobe Beef.

    Product Placement that allowes Vegans to wear imatation furs, is completely ignorant.

    Yet the Imatation food are crazy - imatation seafood made from pork ????!!!!!

  2. NPR Reports Imatation calamari is the Pork Colon

  3. A Vegan or Vegetarian eating Imitation Meat

    is comparable to

    saying Water Boarding is a nicer alternative to

    the Death Penalty

  4. Imitation Meat????

    Like when U.S. Representative Todd Akin of Missouri stated that
    pregnancy never occurs as
    a result of "legitimate rape."

  5. TH4 rABBITS LOOk dE-LISH-Ouis

  6. Wow, fake (or replacement meat) with the addition of simple carbohydrates. Calamari is about 1 and a half inch across or smaller. You were probally eating pork rine which are intesintes or skin. the wholeof it sound utterly discuting.