Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seasons 52 - A Restaurant for Everyone

Imagine the joy this vegan felt when a new restaurant at a local mall boasted "alternative menus" on their website. That had to mean one thing--VEGAN CHOICES!! WOOHOO!!! And not JUST vegan - they list menus for lactose free, low sodium, gluten free, vegetarian, garlic-free--HUH? (As an American of partly Italian descent, I balked at this one--garlic is one of the four basic food groups, I don't care what ANYONE says!)

I dined here yesterday for lunch and you can tell when a restaurant has only been open five days. Everyone from the manager to the hostess to the waitress kisses your behind from the minute you walk in the door till the time you waddle out. I must confess, I LOVED that--too bad most restaurants lose that zeal several months in. But I digress. The service, though exceptional, was not my main reason to celebrate. The food was very fresh and very satisfying. I ordered the farmer's market vegetable plate, which consisted of golden beets, thin asparagus, baby carrots, baby bella mushrooms, cranberry-almond tabbouleh, and grilled ponzu-glazed tofu. For dessert (most of which are not vegan but are served mini-style as mini-indulgences), I had a mini-fresh fruit cup which was just enough to fill me. And it had EVERYTHING squeezed into this little glass--raspberry, diced mango and papaya, strawberry slices, blueberries, pineapple. Yummy! The wines recommended to me were first rate as well, in particular a sweet riesling I had to accompany my dessert. I am not much into dessert wines but this one was outstanding.

Other vegan options here include vegetable penne pasta served with a garlic-herb sauce, the grilled ponzu-glazed tofu served with a choice of two side dishes (broccoli, roasted asparagus, penne pasta, red potatoes, cremini mushrooms, etc.) They have some lovely salads as well. To start, I had an arugula salad with cranberries and golden beets (minus the goat cheese). The menu also boasts a tomato and hass avocado salad that looks tempting.

All in all, I really enjoyed my lunch. The best part is, Seasons 52 has something for everyone--the perfect restaurant for a group of people of mixed dietary needs. Check it out sometime. Visit them online at to find a location near you.

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