Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remembering Woodstock

We brought our beloved boy home today in his cherrywood urn, his picture in the photo slot the very one I used in my last blog. It is still too difficult right now to tell his story (I will, I promise!) but for now I will include some photos to pay this sweet rabbit the tribute he deserves.

This one was taken at Cinnamon's first vet visit after she came into his life and made him one happy boy. She was two months old at the time, he was 2 years old!

Woodstock from day one always loved his greens. He would rip through them like a woodchipper. In his first "home", he had only been fed pellets, and only once a day, if he was lucky.

This was how Woody came to us, with his ears shaved due to the treatment for the severe ear mites he suffered from gross neglect in his first home. He was so thin you could feel every vertebrae in his spine.

Woodstock as you can see grew to become quite the handsome boy. All who knew him said he was the sweetest rabbit, the most good natured rabbit, they had ever known. I have literally hundreds of photos I could post, and I will post more over time, but I hope these few snaps give you an idea of where he came from, and how happy a guy he was. I was so blessed, blessed beyond measure, to have him in my life these last eight years.

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  1. Even if this isn't the official tribute, it's a beautiful tribute - to Woodstock, and the power and rewards of love and respect for animals.