Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dunkin Donuts Just Doesn't Get It

Why won't the folks at Dunkin Donuts listen? Today they issued a tweet claiming they can make our coffee over 15,000 ways and asked if anyone had any new ways to add to this list. I couldn't resist responding with a comment that said, in effect, instead of that waste of time, why don't you work on creating a vegan doughnut so that you can attract the countless souls who love your coffee but can't enjoy it because you offer nothing for them to eat??And I mean, nothing! They sell cappuccino, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, etc. but not ONE SINGLE ITEM is vegan. They don't even offer soymilk. Get with it, people! I miss my Dunkins coffee. I grew up in Massachusetts, where you can't spit without hitting a Dunkin Donuts. Way back then, I drank my coffee "regular" , meaning milk and two sugars and usually had a cruller or sugar-glazed donut. Yummmmmmmy! I miss that experience but now I must have the coffee black. Not that I go to Dunkins much. I'm a Starbucks gal now. They're progressive and they recognize a vegan clientele. If only Dunkins Donuts would do the same.

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