Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rabbits in a Broken Home

We all know how traumatized young children can be when their parents get divorced. But what happens when your kids are rabbits?

This week I moved into my condo, though husband and I have legally been separated since June. I brought with me my widow bunny Cinnamon. Woodstock, who we had to euthanize this summer, had been her long time mate. It was very hard leaving my beloved Ruby, Cocoa, Ghirardelli and Willow, but space concerns--and consideration for Willow and Ghiri's ultimate happiness--precluded me from taking any of the others with me. But I worry that my Cinnamon is unhappy, even more so than when she watched her beloved boy slip away.

She is, thank God, eating and pooping just fine, so my initial fears of her going into G.I. stasis were alleviated. But she seems much more nervous, and though she has never been an overtly affectionate rabbit, she has been very stingy with her nose honks of late. I feel guilty that thanks to the chaos of moving and restarting my life, I haven't been able to work toward finding her a new partner, which I think will help her considerably--assuming she wants one, naturally. I am also well aware that sensitive creatures that rabbits are, she is picking up on my deep sadness and heartache. I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip for her, but it is hard when you're lonely and feel utterly rejected by people who used to be your family. To be alone after twenty years of marriage is hard--very hard--to adjust to. And dealing with my own feelings is hard enough--worrying about Cinnamon has only intensified my feelings of sorrow. How can I help her when I feel so vulnerable and empty myself? Any and all suggestions welcome.

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  1. If you are lonely and brokenhearted, she can feel it. Best thing is to move on and make a serious effort to be happy. Over analyzing things isn't going to help. In fact it might add to your unhappiness. You have a new life and infinite opportunities. Think of it as a gift and not something negative. Hold your head up high and thrive for your sake and Cinnamon's.