Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Observation on Tolerance

I recently had a fundamental disagreement about animals and those who hunt them with a family member (member by marriage only into my mom's family) and just discovered this person has unfriended me on Facebook. I am amused. How is it that vegans such as myself are always accused of being self-righteous and intolerant and yet we are unfriended by those very accusers who apparently live with a double standards-- oh we can be friends just as long as you agree 100% with my views?Apparently agreeing to disagree is no longer an option today. And we wonder why the political and cultural atmosphere are nowadays so hostile!

I'm sorry that my cousin apparently finds my views so abhorrent to her way of thinking that she felt the need to end our relationship. I feel bad because now I won't know how her son is doing (he was recently in a bad car accident). Yet I doubt she has ever given a thought to how her views appear to me or frankly ever cared. The difference is, I can tolerate views different from my own. If we can't participate in civil discourse within our own families, there is little hope for the mood to change across America. In the meantime, I soldier on--I have no time or patience with close-minded people. Life is too short to keep beating my head against the wall on lost causes.

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