Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grow old with me

This week my beloved Ruby, who lives with my STBX husband, will be 10 years old. She is officially an elderbun but you wouldn't know it, looking at her. She has slowed down, yes, and in fact, she is in the very early stages of spondylosis (i.e. arthritis). She is on Adequan injections now but she still gets around okay and acts the diva when she can, from what I have been told. I miss her presence so much but I will see her soon, when I bunnysit her, Cocoa, and the other two rabbits hubby and I had been living with when we were a whole family.

I am so grateful for Ruby. She is the one who started it all for me, taught me so much about rabbits. Her presence showed me the way to a vegan lifestyle, something I am sure never would have happened if this beautiful white, red-eyed bunny hadn't come into my life. I love her so so so much. Happy birthday, my Diva. You mean the world to me, even if we can't be together anymore.

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