Sunday, February 12, 2012

Product Review: Amande

I have never been a yogurt person. Even when I consumed dairy products, yogurt was one of those foods like cottage cheese I felt I SHOULD eat but yet could never like it enough to sustain the habit. If I had the money back from all the cups of yogurt, soy or otherwise, that I had purchased with the best of intentions only to toss them in the trash ten days after the expiration date, I could retire comfortably.

Things may change now with this new product on the market, Amande, flavored yogurts made from cultured almond milk (and yes all those live cultures so beneficial for us that is found in dairy and soy yogurts are all here too.) Thus far I have sampled the cherry and blueberry flavors, both fruity and sweet and not at all cloying, like I find most yogurts to be. In fact, I felt like I was eating a dessert, rather than a "you-really-should-eat-this-for-breakfast-because-it-is-good for-you" food. Other flavors available: coconut, strawberry, peach, raspberry, and plain. They are also gluten-free and rather than sugar, Amande uses fruit juices to sweeten their yogurts. Amande products can be found at Whole Foods. (Visit their website have a store finder link to help you to the closest supermarket that carries their line.) Ask your local grocer to order this wonderful yogurt, especially if you are concerned about eating too much soy.

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