Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guilt - A Bunny Mom's Dilemma

I am drafting this at Starbucks and feeling very guilty. As I sip my venti soy latte, my six rabbits, including my newly disabled sweetheart Woodstock, are at home after two full days of being pampered by their mom. Surely they can handle being without me for just a few hours over the course of the five days I will be home with them. So why do I feel guilty stealing a little ME time?

Oh sure, it would be easy enough to blame it on my background--having grown up in a Catholic household, I am well-versed in the concept of guilt. No, I am inclined to think I am doing something many animal lovers are unwittingly guilty of doing--anthromorphizing!

I mean, really, do my rabbits really care that I am taking some time for me? I bet,in fact, they are actually glad to have the house to themselves. Oops, I did it again. I am presuming that they have human thought processes. For their sake, I truly hope they don't. I would hate to think of my sweet loving rabbits hampered by feelings of guilt over the stupidest of reasons. I would prefer they are sleeping and dreaming of their next meal of green leaf lettuce, slivered carrots, radicchio, basil, and fresh dill.

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