Saturday, October 16, 2010

My bitch(s) of the day

Before I went veg, I used to be a foodie. Nothing gave me greater joy than going out to eat at a new restaurant. All these new creations that these chefs come with, all pleasing to the eye and the palate. Sadly most of the best meals I ever had animal flesh involved. And it is so hard where i live to find a fancy eating establishment that offers much for vegans. Sure, many places offer vegetarian options-or I should say,option, singular. Vegan? Forget it.

I should clarify the word fancy. I am talking the kind of places you need to make reservations for. Places which are intimate, places you buy a new dress for. I can't think of a single place in Virginia that fits that bill.

Today the Washington Post issued Tom Sietsema's annual dining guide. Useless, as usual, for those of us who choose not to eat our animal friends. Couldn't he at least insert a V next to the restaurants that we MAY be able to enjoy? Why are vegetarians always forgotten? I am still a foodie, always will be. My taste buds still long for delicious flavors to try. Surely with all the spices, vegetables, fruits, and nuts in the world, there are still tantalizing meals to be hand that we don't have to cook ourselves. Where are the vegan Emerils of the world, anyway?

One final note for today-we need to tell Food Network to get with the program. There are millions of us out there who want-no, demand-a vegetarian cooking show. The occasional veggie recipe Rachel Ray throws at us will not do. It will not do at all.

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