Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Annual Girl Scout Cookie Shakedown

It is March and therefore inevitable. Walking out of my local Giant supermarket, I saw them. The green boxes of mint cookies. The orange ones brimming with Do-Si-Dos. The yellow stack, signifying the lemon cremes. From behind the table on which these boxes lay, innocent young faces gazed pleadingly at each shopper trudging out of the store.

It is time for the annual Girl Scout cookie shakedown.

In a hurry, yet without a shred of willpower, I stopped nonetheless to buy Do-Si-Dos, his favorite, for my husband. Then I pondered, aren't there some Girl Scout cookies which are vegan? I recalled seeing a list somewhere- I think from PETA. As usual, I didn't remember the names. I picked up the cranberry-colored boxes and scanned all too quickly and carelessly the ingredients. Ok, vegan, I thought, digging out the cash to pay. I grabbed the cookies and ran.

Then I got home, and actually read the ingredients of the cranberry filled cookies more carefully. Dry milk powder?

Why does ANY cookie have to have dry milk powder in it? And why, why, why don't the Scouts sell their entire line at their tables? All right, fine, maybe I should have actually taken the time to read the ingredients but when you are leaving a supermarket with groceries in tow, you usually just want to go home.

I suppose I could cheat and eat the cookies. After all, I did do something positive in supporting the Girl Scouts, so doesn't that make it ok? Well, in a word, no. I am tempted, make no mistake about that, but I will not touch those cookies. It's the principle of the thing, damn it!

Besides, if I were to fall off the vegan wagon, it would be sweeter to do it with Thin Mints.

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