Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Hoppy Vegan is on the road

I am reveling in being back in Boston's Back Bay twenty years after working and commuting here. Way back then, I wasn't even vegetarian, let alone vegan, so this time I am scoping out vegan-friendly places to write about at a later date. I am staying at a very nice hotel whose sole purpose seems to be to kiss your butt the whole time you are here. (I can get used to this!) They are very environmentally conscious (one reason I chose it) and their bath amenities are all Aveda products! How sweet is that! For once I didn't have to bring my own (honestly? This is the OTHER reason I chose it.) Every room has a recycling bin for paper, plastic, etc. So here is my question--why don't they offer vegan options at their restaurants (other than the room service power breakfast consisting of yummy oatmeal, fresh fruit, juice and coffee)?

Don't worry, friends, the Hoppy Vegan will point out this oversight when it is time to comment. A follow-up letter full of praise and gentle vegan prodding will also be sent. And of course I will share my insights on this trip after I get home. Until then, I will carry on seeking out cafes and restaurants friendly to vegans while I am here in
Boston's Back Bay. A dirty job but someone has to do it.

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