Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vegan, Vegan Everywhere

Have you checked out the mother load of vegan books that are out these days (or about to come out?) From Kathy Freston's "Veganist" to "The Happy Herbivore" to "Sexy Crazy Diet", bookstores now have displays full of titles that they can use to promote the vegan way of life. I of course must have them all, despite the fact my shelves are full, I'm already vegan, and I barely have time to read or cook these days.

What a joy it is to see so many great choices out there. Even Good Housekeeping, that magazine that has existed for generations, is putting out a cookbook, "Simply Vegan." You never stop learning as a vegan so I see no reason why I should stop collecting these books now. How can I possibly live, for example, without Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's latest work, "Vegan's Daily Companion"? (Answer: I can't so I bought it through last week). And what about "Vegan Celebrations"? The recipe do for a vegan po' boy alone was worth the price of that one.

One thing is for certain--no one can claim there are no resources from which to learn about the vegan way of life. Happy book shopping, everyone!

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