Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rest in peace, my darling bunny Boo

You are so dearly missed by your loved bun Cinnamon and your mom. Though you were with us less than two months, you left us with a lifetime of love and very sweet memories. Godspeed, my darling Boo. I will never forget your blue eyes and how you kissed my hand just before your sub-q treatments. So much love wrapped in a small bundle of white fur. I will forever miss you.

The Hoppy Vegan


  1. I just read your post & ohhhh Paulette my heart aches for you. I am praying for our powerful Savior Jesus Christ who created your precious Boo to wrap His loving arms around you & to do what none other can do....heal your broken heart.
    I have loss my father, a brother & 4 buns in the past 2 years for various reasons & I confess that I have grieve over losing my furry children as much as I have for my human family members....
    I truly believe we'll see our pets again in heaven. There’s nothing in the Bible that says they won't go, and they'll have a much easier time getting in since they don't have to be saved. :-)I refuse to believe otherwise!
    I miss them all....Death is a part of life that I will never get used to...
    Grace & peace to you & yours,

  2. I was very touched by your post about your lovely bunny Boo! I too lost my rabbit exactly a year ago now, and I miss him sooo much. His name was Elvis and whenever I hear "are you lonesome tonight?" I feel like crying. But I will always love him and I cherish all the wonderful memories! :)

    I loved the comment from Susie, because it is said, that animals who are so loved, they get instantly to heaven, way higher on the scale supposedly than others would. But of course I will see him again. Anyways, it gave me comfort to read your post. :)