Sunday, October 21, 2012

Giving Thanks for Gardein This Holiday Season

IT'S HERE!!!!!

This is Gardein's answer to the Tofurkey holiday meals that up till now was the only option for vegans to buy a ready-made vegan meal to set down on their cruelty-free holiday tables. Right now it is already on backorder from Vegan, but I put my order in anyway.

If you have read my holiday blogs in the past, you know I have been putting off trying Tofurkey's Thanksgiving feasts in fear of spending all that money for something I wasn't sure I would like. Oh, I love Tofurkey sausages and bratwursts (and their pizzas!) but their deli meats? Let's just say in the past I have not had pleasant culinary experiences with them.

Gardein products, however, are another world altogether. To date, they make THE best faux meats on the market, in this vegan's opinion. Their faux chicken tastes like chicken, their beefless tips have everything but the moo in them (and they make an awesome stew!). So how can this new roast be any different? I expect it will be just like eating turkey! I will review this of course for my blog after the holidays. Way to go, Gardein, for doing so much to make life and holidays so much easier for vegans and vegetarians in the world!

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