Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rest in peace, Madison

Madison went to the Bridge on 27 October 2012
There are rabbits and then there are rabbits. Madison was a very special bun, a double amputee who nevertheless lived her life with gusto with her beloved human, Randy Koga, who is a devoted rabbit rescuer in California who has saved so many rabbits at great expense and sacrifice to himself. Madison, though, was clearly his heart bunny, and the photos of her that he sent out to the world on social media won the hearts of hundreds of rabbit lovers around the country. We will all miss seeing you, sweet Madison, and no one will miss you more than your dad, Randy. But now you can be at peace, healthy, a whole bunny again, free to bink through heaven's grasses and frolic with all the rabbits we have loved and who have gone on before us. Rest in peace, sweet girl, and know that your life, your courage has inspired so many.

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