Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seeking Prayers for My Cinnamon

My eight year old bunny Cinnamon is at the Pender Emergency Clinic in Fairfax at least through tomorrow, suffering from severe GI stasis, the cause of which is yet to be determined. Had to rush her in last night when she did not respond to any meds or stasis protocol, in fact she fought me on everything, would not even take more than 10 ccs of Critical Care. Though I had her in a heating pad, her temp dropped and I caught her at one point straining to pee and saw white residue in her litter box. Xrays showed no bladder sludge, though, and no stones.  Blood work also does not show anything to indicate cause.

Please say a prayer my sweetie gets through this. Vet said she can't yet rule out a lower GI tract obstruction and that would NOT be good news at all.  Benjamin had to come home with me and he is missing her alot. Hope she gets through and comes home ASAP! We miss you, Princess Cinnamon Bunn.

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