Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Am Thankful For

This was taken after Cinnamon came home from her emergency
vet stay last month, You can see how much Benjamin missed her.

These two beloved animal companions are my world since my human family are in Massachusetts. They get me through my saddest days and provide company when I need it most. I pray that I have both these lovely rabbits for a long time to come.

Of course I am so very grateful for my mom, who is my best friend and has seen me through some very sad and angry days these past two years.  She is my rock, the one person I know I can always count on 120% percent of the time.

I am grateful for my health, which has its quirks but my issues are either aging-related or the results of self-inflicted overeating.  Compared to thousands of others, I am very very lucky.

I am grateful for my wonderful condo. I live surrounded by trees and squirrels, for its peaceful oasis it provides me. I am grateful that I live in a progressive area where the environment means something and people strive to protect and preserve it.

I am grateful for friendships, classical music, jazz, New York City, Boston, all creatures great and small, Gardein products, sunrises and sunsets, wine, Daiya faux cheese,  the Boston Red Sox, the Washington Nationals, my local community center, the ability to laugh even when everything around me seems to be falling to crap (thank you, Reduced Shakespeare Company for that!)

Most of all, I am grateful for being alive. For still standing despite a broken (but healing!) heart. I give thanks for every breath I get.

So...what are you giving thanks for, this Thanksgiving?

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