Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is wrong with this picture?

Why is Woodstock so happy about a fellow bird slaughtered to feed that blockhead Charlie Brown and his dog? Good grief!

That first Thanksgiving after I went vegetarian, I noticed for the first time that at the end of the classic "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", when Woodstock and Snoopy are having their traditional Thanksgiving meal, that here is a bird chowing down on another bird! Avian cannabalism!

This scene  strikes me now as rather gruesome and yet all those years growing up, I never saw the strangeness in this idea of a bird happy about chowing down on a bird.  (yes, I know there are birds who are predators and eat meat, the owl, for instance, being the mortal enemy of my beloved rabbits). This is just more proof in how difficult it is to change one's perceptions of animals and how amazingly easy it is, once you do go vegetarian, to see little things like Woodstock's devouring turkey in a different light.

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