Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Special Anniversary

The first glance
A year ago this weekend, my widowed bunny Cinnamon met and fell head over heels over her second husbun, a sweet white lop-eared five year old boy named Boo, whose previous owner had passed away and who was living at BunnyLu rescue at the time these two bunnies met at the autumn open house.

As you all know, this darling blue-eyed bun was not destined to live with us long, passing away two months later, the day before New Year's Eve. Though Cinnamon has since found another true love in her grey rexy boy Benjamin, I still grieve and will always grieve for this beautiful bunny who helped this new divorcee get through some terrible months, especially the holidays.

I will always miss you, my darling Boo, or "ole Boo Eyes" as I used to call you. Though our time together was all too brief, you meant the world to me and got me up on many mornings when I just didn't want to function at all.  In many ways, you saved my life. I only wish I could have saved yours in return. 

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