Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Rabbit's Perspective on Christmas Trees

This is Ruby, also known as the Diva rabbit, filling in for the Hoppy Vegan tonight since she is under the weather. I wanted a public forum in which I could finally express my dismay about this holiday you call Christmas. What is it with the tree? All year long I had my corner to myself where I could happily chew on my cardboard cottage. Then last week my humans had the audacity to put me (and my beloved Cocoa) in our cage so we could watch them assemble this pine tree and dangle all these strange objects on it (though I must confess I did like that many of these things looked like rabbits.)

To add insult to injury, these humans put a barrier around the tree. I've been here since 2002--you'd think they would trust me by now. Sure, I love to get under the tree--so much to sniff at and nibble. But really, I'm only a 6 pound bunny--what harm could I possibly do? There aren't any colorful boxes underneath it yet for me to chew on anyway. What's up with that anyway? I think my humans are a bit slow this year with the gifts. So glad to be a rabbit whose needs are quite simple. Give us paper towel rolls stuffed with hay and we are content. You will never see us standing outside shops at four in the morning prepared to stampede fellow rabbits to get material goods we really have no need for. Really, I don't know how you all live longer than rabbits with all the nonsense you deal with in your human lives.

Well, I must run now--almost time for treats. I do hope we get cranberries tonight. The Hoppy Vegan will be back as soon as she has recovered and can--how did she put it?--get her act together.

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