Monday, December 6, 2010

Cinnamon the Caregiver Bunny

My bunny Cinnamon (she's the one on the left in the photo here) has always been precious, in every sense of that word. Besides her being so mini-Rex adorable, she can also be quite particular about when humans are allowed to pet her. We don't nickname her Princess Bun for nothing--she can cop an attitude with the best of them. Yet since her mate Woodstock became disabled, she has really risen to the challenge of becoming not only Woody's caregiver but also a fierce protector. She watches me carefully as I tend to him, giving him dry shampoos or massaging his legs. She stands poised to strike at the gate when the rabbits down the hall, Ghirardelli and Willow, deign to pay a visit. An odd analogy since she is a rabbit, but I can only liken my Cinnamon to the mama grizzlies a certain former vice-presidential candidate spoke about recently. So what turned my precious princess into a warrior princess?

Could it be the age difference? She was only two months old to his two years when they were introduced back in 2003. Essentially she has known Woody almost her entire life. Is that what is driving her more selfless behavior these days? They literally fell for each other at first meet--and I can honestly report that they have never had a fight. Even when she was literally on his ass those first few weeks--she was too young to be spayed right away and so she was horny as hell, to put it bluntly. Woodstock never tried to bite her or slap at her--when she was extra frisky, he would simply groom her head insistently, until she submissively lowered her head to the floor. Without doubt their relationship has always been special.

And now it is changing yet again. I marvel seeing how patient she is with him and how she loves him. But I also worry. I fear this will be my sweet boy's last Christmas. How will Cinnamon adjust after he's gone? How will I? (Easy enough-I will be a complete wreck.) Will she want to go on without him? The idea of losing both of them is beyond my capability to contemplate right now. But I do think of my Cinnamon, Woody's beloved. I thank God for her too. These days of uncertainty as I watch them interact, I know in my heart that Woodstock and Cinnamon are a match made in Heaven. I just hope Heaven can wait awhile longer before bringing my sweet rabbits home.

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