Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Favorite Things

Move over, Oprah! I have my own favorite things list--but sadly dear readers I do not have the wealth to give them away. There is just the comfort of sitting back and taking inventory of what really makes one happy. Here goes:

***NutsOnline - a great online shop that sells not only nuts but all kinds of dried fruits and candies and flours, etc. Very vegan-friendly. Try the dark chocolate covered walnuts (such a fun way to get in your Omega 3s!) and the roasted chickpeas. They do great custom made gifts and their delivery turnaround time is outstanding.

***vegan pizzelle--What a joy to have finally found a simple recipe for vegan pizzelle. For the uninitiated, pizzelle is an Italian snowflake cookie--special press required. The usual recipe calls for about 4 eggs. I used Ener-g egg replacer.

***Yes To Carrots products. Reasonably priced skin and lip care products, all animal friendly and all feel so good on the face. Check out the overnight face moisturizer and the luscious lip balms.

***Tofurkey pizza - what a lifesaver on those nights I get home late and hubby wants to order pizza. Love the plain cheese the best.

Merry christmas! I hope you all get what you want to make you happy.

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