Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - Good Riddance

This is my last blog for 2010. I can't say I can recall a year I was so happy to see end as much as this one. In addition to some sad personal issues I am still grappling with, I must note that this year has been marred with much pain and sadness. Losses of jobs and beloved animals have marked this year for many of my friends and family. Other dear friends have been facing life-threatening illnesses. And I must watch as my beloved Woodstock struggles against the spondylosis that is robbing him of his rabbit habits, knowing with a heavy heart that he most likely will not be with me next Yuletide.

From the vegan side of my life, I have stumbled now and then this year (most recent stumble took place just the other day at a pub, where I hungrily ate the three tiny balls of goat chesse tucked away in my red and golden beet salad--which was lacking the golden beets, I must point out!) I will never claim to be perfect but as with all else in my life, I will strive always to do better. The knowledge that my diet today (as opposed to all those years before 2004, when I went vegetarian) saves so many animals gives me peace in my soul. If only I could make others in my life see the world as I do. If only I could help people make the connection between the meat on their plate and the pain and suffering of the animals it was torn from. If I could just change one mind, open ONE heart, and help a person make the most compassionate change in their life, I could be a truly fulfilled individual. So raise your glasses everyone and remember this, my last question for this year--if we don't make the world a better place than how we found it, what, my friends, is the point?

Happy New Year, all. May you be blessed with good health and good fortune and may the suffering of all animals from humans to rabbits to lions to elephants cease once and for all!

The Hoppy Vegan

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