Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Christmas Spirit

If I am grateful for anything in this emotionally tumultuous year, it is for this little white Holland lop, Boo. He truly is my Christmas spirit. On my lowest days, he always makes me smile. He is funny and sweet and affectionate as any sentient being can be. This evening, as I lay on the floor with him and Cinnamon, he pranced over and licked my cheek. Whenever I come home, he rushes over to the gate of his area to greet me. And even more importantly, he makes my Cinnamon one happy gal. She adores him and HATES sharing him with me. So when Boo and I are having cuddles, she stays discreetly away, sitting in bunny slipper mode, but always watching, waiting for her turn. And as it had been when she was with Woodstock, I am no longer allowed to stroke her ears. That is a privilige allowed only to Boo. As it should be, I know. But I can't keep myself from stealing him from her for at least a few minutes. He is the light in my life at this dark time in my life. If anyone will get me through this blue Christmas, it will be this little white rabbit named Boo.


  1. I have a bunny too! He too is a Holland Lop and they're just the most precious things ever :)