Sunday, December 18, 2011

My favorite Things 2011

It's that time of year again to list those items or places that have been added to my favorites list.

(1) Busy Bunny's Cardboard Christmas Tree (see picture). I have little doubt Busy Bunny is sold out of these gems. About a foot tall, this tree is the easiest you will ever set up and your rabbits will love nibbling on the "branches". (visit this site at

(2)The Dyson's Digital Slim vacuum is compact, fits anywhere and has incredible power. Perfect for apartment/condo living and if you have pets. It's bagless and can be used on carpet and hardwood floor. This is no cheap vacuum (ca $300) but is considerably less expensive than other Dyson models.I love the fact I can keep it charging and hang it on a wall. It is truly slim, takes up little space--a BIG plus for me.

(3)There are veggie burgers and then there is Gardein's Beefless Burger. Outstanding! As good as many brands may be, you know when you are eating a veggie burger that you are a eating a veggie burger. But Gardein's beefless burger does seem to have the beef! By far this is THE best burger substitute. Get a bun, spread on some ketchup, plop on a slab of red onion and some lettuce, add the Gardein burger and you will believe someone is trying to sabotage your vegan diet. Really. They are THAT good.

(4) Sophie's Kitchen vegan calamari. I plan to have this on Christmas Eve, served with my homemade marinara sauce. Yummy! And I will add in Sophie's Kitchen shrimp too. Night of the Two Vegan Fishes. Ho, ho, ho!

(5) I know I have placed this on my list in the past, but I must add again Pangea, the Vegan Store. They were a blessing to have as I worked on building up my vegan larder in my new condo. They saved the day just recently when I needed vegan Worcestershire sauce. Their delivery and service are prompt and first rate.

(6)Sweet Chocolate Dream chocolate bars, conveniently found at my local Safeway. Gluten and dairy free, the creamy sweet flavor takes like milk chocolate but it isn't. What it is is very very yummy, a nice indulgence to have all year round.

(7) 1-800-FLOWERS Happy Hour Collection. There is nothing like receiving flowers in the form of a cocktail. For Christmas, the Peppermint Martini is outstanding (comes with two candy canes!) but you can also order the Apple Martini Bouquet, the Lemon Drop, and the Margarita Bouquet. Treat yourself. If nothing else, they add a nice decorative touch to your rooms.

(8) Mom's Organic Market. When I recently learned this supermarket opened a store in the town next to mine, I wanted to dance a jig! Cheaper than Whole Foods, Mom's Organic Market also has the most extensive choices of products for vegans and vegetarians. So many choices indeed that I find it hard to go in there and just come out with a few items.

Well, that is all I have for this year. Hope you all have a merry merry, and get what you want for Christmas. Most importantly, stay healthy and be kind to one another.

The Hoppy Vegan

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