Sunday, December 25, 2011

Welcome Christmas

For personal reasons, this year I am more inclined to relate more to the Grinch or to Ebenezeer Scrooge BEFORE his transformation than cheery Christmas well-wishers. It is hard to be merry when your whole life has turned upside down, you feel alone, and even though months have passed since the relationship was semi-officially declared over, you feel betrayed and rejected by the one person you thought would love you till death you did part, per the sacred wedding vows (well, sacred to me--apparently to many people, they are perceived to be mere suggestions.) That one person used to be my best friend too, which only deepens the pain. I lost two people in a way, two in one body. Both out of my life this Christmas. Bah!

Still, somehow, I managed to welcome Christmas today, just as the Grinch eventually did when he heard the singing from Whoville. My bunny Boo is the Who, as it were, who has managed to keep me smiling through my all-too-frequent tears. He is a rabbit I suspect was destined to help me through this holiday (though the surgery for his bladder stones and sudden illness did not do my high stress levels any good, let me tell you.) He is so warm and patient (albeit a bit stubborn when it comes to taking his Cisapride!) and eager to please. His blue eyes melt my heart when I look at him. With his--and his mate Cinnamon's--company, I can get through this day. Not that I don't miss people, I do--but my rabbits and I will make this as special a day as we can. It is after all Boo's first Christmas with me, so it must not be a day soaked with tears. Bring on the bunny hugs--but this vegan will pass on the roast beast.

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